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The Auditor’s Office is part of the administrative branch of county government and interacts with county departments, county residents, the vendors, local governments, state and federal agencies, school districts, and special districts. The County Auditor, an elected official, is the county's Chief Financial Officer, Property Tax Administrator, and Supervisor of Elections. The Auditor is also a member, by statute, of the county board of equalization, the county canvassing committee, and sits on various other committees, councils, and boards, as directed by the board.

Some of the functions of this department include:

  • County Budgets, Payroll and Annual Financial Statement. Issues payment for County department obligations, prepares monthly reports and the annual financial statement. Compiles and publishes the annual budget.

  • County Drainage Ditches. Administers the county drainage system. Files special assessments against benefited landowners for the purpose of funding repairs and maintenance costs.

  • County Liquor, Beer, Wine, Auctioneer, Fireworks, Dangerous Dog, Transient Merchant, and Precious Metals Licenses, etc. Issues County Liquor Licenses through the Minnesota Liquor Control Commission and issues other miscellaneous licenses.

  • Property Taxes. Calculates rates and prepares tax information, tax statements and "Truth in Taxation" notices. Bills for all property taxes and county special assessments. Keeps records of all taxing district levies (towns, cities, schools, etc.), tax collections and unpaid taxes. Places delinquent property tax parcels into judgment, administers forfeiture proceedings and sales, according to statute. Monitors tax increment finance compliance. 

  • Mobile Home Tax Information.  First half mobile home tax payment is due August 31, second half payment is due November 15.  Taxes of $50 or less are due in full on August 31. 

    • If you plan to move your mobile home you need a Mobile Home Statement.  It states that all delinquent and current taxes are paid in full.  Any taxes not paid will need to be paid before the mobile home can be moved.

    • Mobile Home Statement  Needed for moving a Mobile Home

  • Passport Services
    We do have a cash or check policy
    All checks require phone #, driver's license # and correct address

  • Property Conveyances. Collects all mortgage registration, state deed taxes and split fees. Processes all documents transferring property titles and entering them in a permanent database before they are filed with the County Recorder.

  • Tax Forfeited Properties

  • Voter Registration and Elections. Enters and maintains all County voter's registrations on the state system. Administers election process including training election judges, city, town, and school district officials. Tallies and reports election night returns.

Frank Thompson, Auditor
PO Box 379, Mahnomen MN 56557


218-935-5669, fax:218-936-5656


Office Hours 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Monday through Friday

Closed on Observed Holidays



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